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MySOL is an acronym of Malaysian Standards Online, an online system consists of more than 6000+ Malaysian Standards (MS) documents which are available for purchases. MySOL is also an online search engine that enable users to search for any MS according to keyword(s).

MySOL is a new service delivery system offered by the Department of Standards Malaysia (JSM) as the National Standards Body of Malaysia. The system was officially launched in 2021.

Before proceeding with any purchase, users are required to create an account or browsing the MS catalogue without creating an account.



MySOL adalah akronim bagi Malaysian Standards Online, sebuah sistem atas talian di mana lebih daripada 6000+ dokumen-dokumen Malaysian Standard (MS) dapat diakses untuk dibeli. MySOL juga merupakan enjin carian yang membolehkan pengguna mencari sebarang MS berdasarkan kata kunci.

MySOL adalah perkhidmatan baru yang ditawarkan oleh Jabatan Standard Malaysia (JSM) sebagai Badan Standard Nasional di Malaysia. Sistem ini dilancarkan secara rasmi pada tahun 2021.

Sebelum meneruskan sebarang pembelian, pengguna diminta mencipta akaun terlebih dahulu atau melayari katalog MS tanpa mencipta akaun.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I purchase Malaysian Standard (MS)?

MS document can be purchased via;

i.  Online purchase at

ii.  Walk-in to our Sales Counter at Sales Unit, Level 4, Department of Standards Malaysia, Tower 2, Menara Cyber Axis, Jalan Impact, Cyber 6, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

iii. E-mail to us at  sales[at]jsm[dot]gov[dot]my

2. In what format do Malaysian Standards (MS) available for purchase?

i. PDF (

       ii. Hardcopy (Sales Unit Counter or email)

3. Can I pay with my local currency?

MS documents can only be paid in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). If you wish to convert the price to your local currency (for customers outside Malaysia), you can refer to the foreign currency exchange rate at

4. Can I make copies of purchased MS?

Our MS documents are copyrighted under the provision of Section 18A, Standards Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549).

If you purchase the PDF version, you are allowed to print the document one time ONLY after you have received it from the system (a download link will be sent to your email).

If you purchase the hardcopy version, you are not allowed to make ANY unauthorized reproduction, distribution and photocopies of the purchased hardcopy document.

5. How long can the download link for the purchased MS be accessed by customers?

The link to download the purchased MS will be sent to the registered email address in the MySOL portal. The link can only be accessed within 7 days after receiving the email. Therefore, registered customers are required to ensure that the document(s) is/are downloaded within the time frame given. Department of Standards Malaysia (JSM) will not be held responsible if the download link expires after the specified time.

6. How will the generated license watermark appear on the purchased MS?

All purchased MS will carry watermark of account holder. Customers are required to register an account by using the correct name in the MySOL portal. The registered name will then appear as a watermark on the purchased MS documents. If the purchase is on behalf of a company, the company name should be registered in the system. If the purchase is for individual use, the name of the individual should be registered.